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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Get Rs.50 free Mobile Recharge With Hike Messenger For Free

When it comes to free messaging from smartphone then there are numerous of applications to communicate with our friends, Coworkers and family members, but the quickest way is Instant online messaging. for now Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging client but sadly It is not free for Life, as you have to buy the service after one year. There can be no other competitive alternatives to whatsapp but in New Delhi a new Messenger is made with love named “Hike” the Hike messenger have gained a lot of popularity in short period. The Hike comes with Fre instant messaging for life without any ads. The features of Hike is almost same as whatsapp but some additional benefits makes us to Choose Hike rather than whatsapp.
Hike : much better than Whatsapp:
Hike is a new messaging app that enables you to send free messages to your friends and family. With Hike you will enjoy much simpler messaging as compared with whatsapp. the major advantage using Hike is you can send messages to your Friends and family who are not on Hike, that is you can also send them free SMS to your contacts. You get credits when some of your friend joins Hike, This credits can be used in redeeming free sms and Recharge also.

In India where SMS tariffs are increased by 400% and a subscriber is charged for every single sms after daily 100 SMS limit, user’s are fully taking advantage of these Instant messaging clients. Whatsapp is very popular among Indian youths and tech addicted user’s . There is no Daily Message limits in this IM clients but now User’s who have completed 1 year on whatsapp needs to purchase service for another 1 year which costs a $1. In this cases whatsapp have opened doors to Hike Messenger. Hike Enables you Free messaging for life without any limits The Beautiful and simply designed instant messaging client had been make in India (New Delhi). Lets see why you should consider Hike

Why using Hike:
Every applications which gets popular in short time has some of its top Sailing advantages. here are some of key features of Hike which will enable you to Go with it.
  • Available on Multiple Platforms
  • Free and will Always Be
  • Free Chats worldwide without any limits
  • fast and simple messaging
  • best Emotions
  • Send Photos, Videos easily
  • Easy group Chat
  • Free SMS Invitation
  • Free Hike 2 SMS to India
  • More Simpler and more Personal
  • No Username and Pins
  • Always On
  • Can be connected in 2G, 3G and WiFi
  • Move to SD Card: The app can be moved to SD card on Android Devices
  • messages are encrypted over 128 bit Encryption
  • Profile picutres and locations sharing
  • Improved Push Notifications
How to Rs.50 free talktime with Hike:

You can get Rs.50 and more Talk time easily by promoting hike with your Friends. you don’t need to promote to each and everyone this can be done in 2 minutes. Hike is Offering Free Rewards that is they provide Rs.20 when a friend install hikes on his/her Smartphone. So by just making any of your two contacts install Hike, you get a free Recharge of Rs.50. Lets see how can this be done in four easy step
  1. Hike gives Rs.10 as joining bonus
  2. By inviting your contacts from Hike App will give you Rs.20 for each refer to your friend
  3. Minimum balance required to get recharge is Rs.50
  4. This can be done by referring two friends

Go and Download your Hike App from

After installing this wonderful client on your phone, Just Invite your friends via Free SMS(provided bby Hike)

Visit the Rewards page on hike applications to see how much rewards you have earned
Redeem talk time when your balance reaches Rs.50
That’s it! You get free talktime of Rs.50 by just refereeing two friends.

UPDATE: It Seems Hike has withdrawn the Free Recharge Option on 1st of March 2013. We hope the free Recharge would be added again, However you can use the earned credits for Free SMS

As compared with other promotional and referring services, Hike is much better for instant messaging and also getting credits. The Rewards can also be used as free sms from Hiketo SMS. coming to overall features Hike ranks more better than whatsapp. To be honest if you will Use Hike for 10 Minutes you will notice the Difference and will choose Hike messenger for your further text needs.

Hike messenger is now Available on IoS, Android, Windows phone, Nokia Ovi Store and coming soon for blackberry devices, Share us your reviews on this whatsappalternative built with love in  Delhi

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